Road to Recovery

23 million Americans live in long term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

James Sutton the host of Road to Recovery and a person in long term recovery brings a look at the world of addiction and recovery through the voices of those with lived experiences.

Each program will examine recovery topics such as spirituality, veterans services, addiction and the family, recovery houses, the opioid crisis, incarceration, schools, and many other topics. Drawing data from sources such as SAMSHA, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the accounts of those with lived experiences. People in long term recovery are being trained as a vital component in recovery services offered by government agencies, hospitals and community organizations.

Upon entering recovery after many years of sub-human existence including being homeless, jobless, engaged in criminal activities, disconnected from family, and spiritually bankrupt. James decided to become part of the solution instead of the problem.

As research has indicated with no debate, addiction is a disease. Road to Recovery provides a forum for advocacy by educating and informing the public that recovery is possible and there are many pathways to it. We will decrease the stigma surrounding this chronic disease and encourage anyone in active addiction to seek help.

With the support of treatment providers, mutual aide groups, family, and people in long term recovery I was able to start a new way of life. I returned to school to become an addiction counselor, then I furthered my education by getting a master’s degree. I have provided treatment services in Baltimore, Annapolis, Glen Bernie, Montgomery County and have been contracted to provide services in Federal Correctional facilities. Currently I am a overdose response trainer for HHS of Montgomery County and teach a class on Vivitrol at Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

To date my greatest success, to which I owe to my recovery has been, as a single father. I was able to provide a good quality of life to my daughter Jannah. Jannah had a genetic disease that brought her to becoming a Make -A-Wish child. She was able to graduate from Seneca High School and we went to the White House to meet President Obama as her wish. In 2014 I married my wife Lilian. I was able to provide a home for Jannah and her four new siblings. In 2016 Jannah passed. Thanks to my recovery, faith, and many people of various colors, ages, faiths, genders, and quite a few children. I have been able to laugh sometimes and sometimes cry without the use of drugs.

-James Sutton

James provides supervision for many of the trained people in long term recovery as a Peer Specialist Supervisor and Addiction Counselor.

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